Kenwood’s TK-7302/8302, wide frequency bandwidth compact mobiles are packaged in a tough platform compliant with international IP and U.S. DOD Military environmental standards. The TK-7302/8302 includes traditional two way radio features for repeater access, group and individual selective calling, priority channel scan to monitor multiple channels and voice security 

options to “keep your business… your business”. A decidedly user-friendly design, this mobile offers 

high-quality audio, a multi-lingual voice synthesized channel announcement feature and a large backlit 

display with adjustable brightness.

General Features

  • 16 CHANNELS, 2 ZONES – The 16 channel capability provides ample capacity for multiple radio systems and the two zones provides a selectable channel group partition useful for a variety of applications such as region, department, and work group select.  
  • INTERFACE CONNECTIONS – Two accessory interfaces are provided for custom vehicle installations, accessory connections and specialized fixed applications. Ignition Sense automatically powers the mobile on/off in unison with the vehicles engine. Selective call features can trigger an “alert output” to flash headlamps or ambers to hail users outside the vehicle or dispatchers away from the mobile control station. The mobile alert and external switch outputs can be used to remotely control lights, doors and other equipment in fixed applications.  
  • SIGNALLINGQT/DQT Kenwood’s QT and DQT are compatible with industry standard sub-audible tone and digital coded squelch format that un-mute audio only when the desired talk group is on the air. 
  • FleetSync® – Kenwood’s FleetSync® features included in this model are “PTT ID” for radio unit identification; “Emergency” for alerting a dispatcher in times of critical need; “Selective Call” for page alerting individuals or groups; and two front panel activated FleetSync® status messages. 
  • MDC-1200 –  The TK-7302/8302 supports MDC-1200* format PTT ID unit identification and Emergency encode and dispatcher features such as Stun/Revive for remote disabling a mobile unit for commercial or security reasons and Radio Check to verify if mobile is powered on and within system range. *Only FleetSync® or MDC-1200 can be enabled. 
  • DTMF – DTMF encode features include PTT ID for radio unit identification, Emergency, autodial memory and manual DTMF mic dialing for phone and remote control applications. Decode features include Selective Call for individual and group page alerting, and radio stun. 
  • Emergency – For hazardous and hostile duty environments, a key can be programmed for emergency use to alert the dispatcher or other group members using FleetSync®, MDC-1200 or DTMF signalling. 
  • VOICE SECURITY – The built-in voice scrambler provides basic protection against casual eavesdropping. Up to 16 of 2097 possible inversion frequencies can be chosen and assigned to any channel for added security. An optional aftermarket voice scrambler module with higher security can be installed if required. 


  • GPS LOCATION – The TK-7302/8302 supports external GPS receivers or an internal GPS module for FleetSync® automatic vehicle location for fleet management purposes. Other GPS AVL receiver/modem systems can be installed using the TK-7302/8302 data features. 
  • PROGRAMMABLE LEDS – The noticeably cool blue LED is programmable for any one of eight functions (default: Priority Channel). Two red dots in the 2-digit channel LED display are individually programmable or programmable in combination with the blue LED to indicate other functions. The orange Call LED and blue LED can be programmed to indicate FleetSync® Individual, Group or Selective Call. 

Other Features

  • Key Lock • Companded Audio • Scrambler/Encryption Board Control  
  • Busy Channel Lockout (BCL) • Time-out Timer • Horn Alert Function • 8 Programmable AUX Outputs
  • Password Protection • Operator Selectable Tone • Embedded Message
  • ESN (Electronic Serial Number) • Radio Stun • Microphone Gain
  • Microsoft Windows® Programming & Tuning