My Geotab

The Best Platform For Fleet Management

MyGeotab delivers an experience that's simple, intuitive, and engaging for fleet managers and users. Built on a rock solid foundation by over 50 in-house engineers and with over a decade of enterprise-level experience in the industry, businesses can manage their fleets with extreme ease, flexibility, and efficiency.






Rearrange To Suit Your Style

Our technology has been made to create deeply engaging experiences that make users feel like they can interact with the data, rather than just see it. Take your dashboard reports and organize them any way you like. Drag them across the page, resize them, or delete the ones you no longer need with a click of a button.

Forward Thinking Design

Our fleet management software has been designed to put the future of telematics technology to work for you no matter which internet-enabled mobile device you use. With our responsive design, the software seamlessly re­configures itself to perfectly fit the size of your PC, mobile phone, or tablet device screen. Geotab understands that keeping things simple and exposing only the key information helps people get their jobs done.

Saving & Sharing Has Never Been Easier

We understand that even the little things make a huge difference when it comes
to fleet management. For immediate, one-click access to a particular software section, simply add a bookmark to any page of your choice. What's more, you can send the URL link of any page within the software to any user. Since all of the page information is automatically embedded within the link, you can effortlessly let remote colleagues see what you're seeing on your screen.

Optimized Speed & Performance

MyGeotab delivers the information you need to drive your business using a high performance web application. Our fleet management solution shows you the information you need right when you need it - including trips, zones, reports, maps, advanced exception rules, and detailed data analytics.

Enterprise-grade Data Security

MyGeotab is designed with advanced security technologies that add no extra complexities for users. Our software solutions deliver a secure architecture and enhanced data protection, even if you choose to manage your fleets and drivers from a local coffee shop through an unsecured network. All data flows are encrypted with the use of HTTPS, and we have added further software features where administrators can now enforce different password policies.


A key part of making better management decisions includes choosing a fleet management platform that can be integrated with all areas of your business. MyGeotab now has a world class API and SDK that your developers or software companies can use to automatically move data between MyGeotab and the other systems used in your organization. Imagine having your fleet management system tell your accounting system which customers need to be invoiced today, and for how many miles or trips. With MyGeotab, your data is yours to control - and the API and frequent backups allow you to pull it out anyway you like.


Multi-edit has been introduced to make managing devices, users and customers in MyGeotab much simpler. Specific changes can be made to multiple items, which then get updated and applied across all other areas connected to the new edit, dramatically easing administrative burdens. With Geotab's new web UI, importing customer information is easy. Any errors found in your files are recognized by MyGeotab in seconds, giving you the opportunity to make the change on the spot. What's more, Geotab's API can be used to synchronise your customers in MyGeotab with your other systems. It's no wonder that businesses across North America, small or enterprise-level, continue to rely on MyGeotab.

Unlike Any Other Compliance Solution

Geotab has launched Geotab Drive - an Android app that can be downloaded for use on smartphones and tablets for HOS and DVIR purposes. The app gives drivers more control over the information that gets communicated back to in-office management, including DVIR, trailer, and shipment tracking details. Offering extra convenience, the app can be accessed online as a webpage on any tablet or mobile device.